Background history of british military intelligence

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  1. South Korea scraps military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan - CNN
  2. South Korea scraps military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan
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She said the people who made the best intelligence officers combined emotional intelligence and IQ, regardless of their education or their background. Her ideal recruit was the sort of person who has had to fight to get on in life, not the one born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

6 Military Intelligence (MI) Regiment Annual Camp at Ballykinler Training Centre

In the early years of MI6, women were not allowed to serve as intelligence officers, the spies on the frontline who are dispatched to different hotspots around the world to run, and protect, agents. When dealing with an agent, it is often a different interaction than if you were a man. Women are very empathetic, in some circumstances you can get better outcomes. As part of its expansion, MI6 says it is also hiring older people, including some who have come from successful careers in business, and have decided to give something back later in life.

One recent recruit was in their late 50s.

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David, 53, was not a recent recruit. He had been at MI6 since the mids and watched the service evolve from an agency focused on the cold war, into one where counter-terrorism became an obsession. Now it has grown to be a big chunk of the service. For instance, Russia never disappeared. It was not front and centre as it had been, but we never lost the core expertise. We have had to grow it again over the last few years.

South Korea scraps military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan - CNN

The years around the Iraq war, he added, were difficult. The agency was rightly heavily criticised over the intelligence it gathered before the invasion. Iraq was not a service-wide problem, but it had service-wide implications and ramifications. But not being able to talk about your job, or tell anyone you work for MI6, means you cannot challenge its critics.

He was completely wrong.

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  • MI6 returns to 'tapping up' in effort to recruit black and Asian officers!
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Not just slightly off, but miles off, a lot of conspiracy theories. But you have to bite your tongue.

Younger believes the service has come through the worst of recent times and has set the agency off on a new path which, he hopes, will draw a line under some of the scandals from the past. One perk of the job is that he had a chance to fill his office with paintings from the government art collection. At the far end of the vast room, there is a huge work by Patrick Heron, the abstract expressionist, who appears to have gone out of fashion in Whitehall, but was quite the radical in his day.

In another 70 years, Younger will not mind if the history books say something similar about him. Topics MI6. And for the first time a tank crew is embedded within an armoured capsule in the hull front. T he Army intelligence officer says UK defence strategy has concentrated on the threat from improvised explosive devices deployed by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and ignored the danger posed by tanks.

South Korea scraps military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan

Has an understandable focus on defeating the single threat of IEDs distracted Western military vehicle designers? Challenger 2 [the British tank], with life extension programmes, is currently due to remain in service until Is it time to rethink? The paper also raises concern over the Scout, a light armoured fighting vehicle due to be introduced for British forces from next year. A nalysis for Western military leaders has suggested Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — all Nato member states — would be overrun by Russian tanks within 60 hours of an invasion.

Brigadier Ben Barry, a land warfare specialist at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said two features on the Armata would threaten Nato forces. If fielded, this would overmatch the guns and armour on existing Nato tanks. Of course, there are few Armata yet, and it is not clear how rapidly they will enter service.

But as they do, they will increase the effectiveness of Russian armoured forces. The Russian defence ministry announced in September that it had signed a contract for the delivery of the first Armata tanks. Another 2, are expected to follow.

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

By contrast, the British Army has Challenger 2 main battle tanks, dating from Germany has Leopard 2 tanks, and France has Leclerc tanks. America has 2, M1 Abrams main battle tanks — although just tanks and armoured fighting vehicles are stationed in Eastern Europe. T he Ukrainian government estimates that Russian-backed separatists in their country have tanks.