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A tag plate number search is synonymous with a license plate number search. Often times tag plate number is what people are looking for which is British in origin, where a license plate number is an American term in origin.

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So tag plate number and license plate number are the same thing. In either case you can perform a tag plate number search with the license plate number and state of registration. Every vehicle that is registered in the United States has a tag plate number as well as a VIN number, which are the key identifiable numbers that both describe the vehicle specs and vehicle registration information. It is possible to sometimes find limited license plate owner information online, as other relevant vehicle information that can be helpful in understanding your vehicle better, or when purchasing a used vehicle from someone.

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Remember to use the information you obtain in our license plate lookup responsibly and it is illegal to harass or intimidate anyone with the information you find. Please search responsibly. To search a license plate number you will need the full license plate number and the state of registration.

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License plates have the state listed on the plate itself. Once you have the full plate number and state you can search and lookup vehicle information, vehicle specs, possibly owner information, VIN number. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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And Report Bad Drivers, Suspicious Activity and more...

WN Lifestyle Home - Auto. Imagine what you could do if you could find out who owns the car that just drove off with your wife or your girlfriend or your husband. I'm not suggesting that they could be cheating on you of course but wouldn't it be nice to know who they are going off with?

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  5. What if you need to find someone in connection with a legal problem that you are trying to sort out? A reverse license plate search would be an invaluable tool in such circumstances. Obtaining information about vehicle numbers that are not your own is difficult if not impossible by normal channels. This is because such information isn't generally considered public in the same way as real estate property is.

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    It isn't difficult to find out who owns a house so it's hard to see why vehicles are not considered in the same way. If you have a very good and legitimate reason for needing to trace a license plate then you can ask a police officer to do it for you but if you are just a little suspicious or curious then forget it.

    Public records websites are starting to gather information surrounding license plates. I have been waiting for it to happen and I do believe that I might have found a small but usable public records database that is growing and expanding it's vehicle data rapidly. At the time of writing, the site that I'm going to tell you about doesn't even announce that it offers reverse number plate searches. It's so new that they don't want to tell everyone about it yet.

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    If you sign up to their almost free trial you will see that the vehicle options are there in your members area. The site is called Everify.

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    I was told about this new search option by the owner of the database who told me that it was still experimental but that it was getting better every day. Please use the form below to start your investigation and see what's available and who's in the system:. Background Check. Bankruptcies Liens.

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