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When problems arise and they almost always do , the last thing you want is to be stuck with an inexperienced call center employee. You want access to actual background check professionals who can give you concrete responses. In some cases, you actually need to get through to top-level managers at the company.

As such, you need a vendor who will grant you such access. So, before hiring a company, find out who you will contact when problems e. Good vendors know the potential legal consequences of background check mistakes. As such, they offer you access to their experienced professionals whenever need arises. Some even offer you specific contact persons. Basically, NAPBS membership shows that a vendor is committed towards providing the best quality of service possible. As a general principle, experience is extremely important in background checks.

This is because, over the years, people have developed ingenious ways to hide their background info. As such, an inexperienced vendor may not know such nuances. Similarly, they may not understand the legal complexities involved. Even more important than general experience is industry experience.

The Best Background Check Companies of 12222

This is because certain industries have specific compliance requirements which others may not have. An experienced vendor can enable you to accurately navigate industry-specific compliance requirements and legal issues. Over the last few years, many organizations have faced lawsuits, class actions and even Federal Trade Commission FTC fines after despite their background checks being carried out by vendors. In fact some vendors themselves have been fined by the FTC a case in point is HireRight which was fined 2.

The last thing you want is to hire a vendor with a flawed track record. In most cases, the choice is between state coverage and local coverage. In a few cases, there may be need for international coverage.

1. Range Of Services

Whatever the case, the service area will almost always depend upon your needs. There is a national database which can be used to conduct criminal checks. Different states have their own databases as well. The state databases tend to be more recent than the national database. Even then, for real accuracy, information in both national and state databases needs to be verified from court records.

This is because sometimes, simply having a name which is similar to that of a convicted felon can throw up a false criminal record. Only court records can clarify such misunderstandings. Some background check vendors now collaborate with or subcontract to vendors who are based in other states, especially when national database searches raise red flags. Some even collaborate with vendors in other countries where necessary.

The contracted vendors then carry out local checks on behalf of the vendor. Such arrangements increase the likelihood of you getting reliable background information. Most background check vendors now have information technology systems through which their services can be accessed.

Such systems are typically available through either desktop, mobile or web applications. They provide simple interfaces through which you can place background checking orders, track orders or make payments. One feature which you need to find out whether a vendor provides is automation of their IT systems. Automation basically provides a simple way of carrying out repetitive tasks e. Taking applicant data as an example, automated systems enable you to submit data for multiple applicants at once, instead of submitting them one by one. This not only saves time, but also makes your life simpler.

Another feature which you need to consider is integration. Serious vendors can enable you to integrate their system with your HRIS. This enables you to access their services directly through your internal systems, thereby shortening the learning curve involved in getting to master their system.

This has been deliberately placed last. Generally, background checks are just like other goods or services — you get what you pay for. Basically, the costlier the service, the more thorough it is, and vice versa. As a rule, it is advisable to stay away from very cheap services. But then, if the kind of background check is relatively simple e. Even then, before you select a vendor simply because their services are the cheapest, please consider the potential downsides.

These mistakes can open you up for lawsuits or class actions which can cost you millions of dollars. Basically, by attempting to save a few hundred dollars, you can create a scenario which can ultimately cost you millions of dollars. Whether such a risk is worth it is entirely up to you. So carry out your due diligence. Simply follow the above guidelines, and you will find a background checking vendor who will give you exactly what you deserve. Happy Hunting!


Background checks are invaluable for staffing agencies. This is because, given the nature of their b The venerated and prestigious Inc. Global HR Research Empowering employers with solutions for smart hiring decisions. GGlobal HR Research www. Criminal Background Research: At Orange Tree, we believe in helping employers find the candidate who represents the best fit for their open position.

Background checks play a key role during the assessment process, and one of the most essential areas for consideration is an applicant's criminal history. To help our Learn more about Criminal Background Research. MultiLatin Background Screening. Clients: Many of the companies we serve are in regulated industries which have stringent compliance requirements for onboarding new clients. Learn more about Clients.

Wholesale Pricing and Savings: Why are prices lower at the big box retailers?

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Because they source in bulk and pass the savings on to the consumer. Employment screening is no different. Our wholesale accounts with data providers and government records allows us to lower your cost.

We understand the pressures that companies Learn more about Wholesale Pricing and Savings. Rating: 5 - 1 review. HiringThing makes each step in the hiring process simple, intuitive, and effective, resulting in calm colleagues, well-staffed teams, and happy clients.

This information is not included on a county Backgrounds Online Employment Background Screening. National Criminal Database Search: This search shows you if an applicant has criminal records reported in any state or DC. We check for criminal records within a proprietary database that is aggregated from all available jurisdictions throughout the country. This allows us to search for criminal records in areas that are outside Learn more about National Criminal Database Search.

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There is no substitute for quality and integrity and with over 60 years of experience in providing accurate, reliable information to our clients, Fidelifacts stands out as a leader in the field of pre-employment screening and due-diligence background investigative services. We personalize our Rating: 5 - 8 reviews. If you are relying on resumes and referrals to gauge the integrity, honesty and reliability of an employee, senior executive, board member or contractor, you are deciding in the dark. Business Intelligence understands the importance of minimizing Background Screening Services: Successful background screening programs protect organizations from financial harm and promote employee morale every day by fostering a safe working environment.

A background-screening program can significantly reduce costs associated with theft, fraud, employee training, liability lawsuits and Learn more about Background Screening Services.


Justifacts | Background Checks, Employment Screening Services

Rating: 4. Our suite of web-based recruiting modules supports the entire life cycle of recruitment and hiring. We help HR recruiters drive profitability into their organization, giving Staffing Kansas City is an independently-owned, WBE Certified, full-service employment agency that specializes in recruiting and screening office support, sales, accounting and professional candidates for temporary, contract-to-hire and direct-hire positions in the Kansas City area. Mobile Health is an occupational and employee screening organization based in the heart of New York City.

Since , Mobile Health has been the recognized leader in providing health and wellness services for employers and individuals throughout the New York metropolitan area. With over 33 years RiskAware We Understand Risk. Our Business is to Protect Yours. Here is an overview of the types of reports RiskAware provides and how they deepen your Learn more about Background Checks. Employee Identity Search: Social Security Verification Information is received through a National Credit Bureau, and it will confirm the name associated with the number supplied, identify any fraudulent use and provide last address.

This service does not impact credit scoring.