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Criminal records: Learning from Europe
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A series of piecemeal reforms in response to high-profile events has resulted in a confusing and complicated process which, in many ways, undermines rehabilitation policies and places additional obstacles in the way of people with convictions in moving on positively with their lives. Other countries have developed their systems in different ways, responding to different priorities, and the reason for this Fellowship is to try and learn from these different approaches.

These projects are designed to exchange ideas and best practice, and build greater understanding between peoples and different cultures, in order that professions and communities in the UK can benefit from these shared experiences. This page explains more about this work. Each of the countries were identified because they demonstrate, in different ways, policies and practices that are progressive and forward-thinking. A press release that was issued at the time that the report was published can be read here.

A Global Guide to Background Checks (2015)

The process of issuing criminal record checks for employment. Read more news here.

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Background In recent years, the UK criminal records disclosure system has been subject to intense scrutiny. Objectives of the Fellowship The objectives of this fellowship were three-fold: To increase understanding of forward-thinking policies, practices and attitudes that exist in other countries, which strike a better balance between public safety and the rehabilitation of offenders.

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    Share this page:. A new tool for sharing data faster on past convictions of people from non-EU countries. The database will also include information on citizens with both EU and third country nationality. Will help prosecutors, judges and police in their fight against crime and terrorism. Contact data:.

    Nicola Sharp of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli explains why such allegations can bring other expensive burdens after a settlement has been reached. It provides details of the types of behaviour expected by the SFO in order for an organisation. Investment Immigration.

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    Legal protections against criminal background checks in Europe - Elena Larrauri Pijoan,

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