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  4. Does a DUI Conviction Count as a Criminal Offense?

The waiting periods for use of an interlock device can begin in as little as days for a second offense DUI in the past 5 years.

Because the State of Georgia does not allow record restriction expungement of ANY DUI offense, you will have a permanent criminal record , even for a first lifetime drunk driving charge. First offense DUI charges can result in penalties such as: license suspension, mandatory driving risk reduction courses and a clinical drug or alcohol dependency assessment, 40 hours of community service, probation, jail time, court costs and fines.

In Georgia, six factors determine if a DUI becomes a felony.

Understand Your OUI Rights.

Like most other states, if you injure or kill another individual, expect to face DUI felony charges. These charges are susceptible to serving a minimum of one year in jail or up to a maximum of five years in jail. These are the six ways to be facing DUI felony charges in Georgia :. Even if the injured person is in your vehicle during the time of the accident.

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The minimum sentence for this charge is two years served in prison, and the maximum is fifteen years. This type of drunk driving charge does not require any students to be on the bus, either. Any convictions in your past, even one more than 10 years ago, can cause subsequent DUIs to be charged as felonies. You can still be charged with felony DUI even if this is your first offense.

Difference between a Misdemeanor DUI and a Felony DUI? » The Law Place

A DUI that causes serious bodily injury or death can be a felony offense. This includes any injury or fatalities sustained by passengers in your own vehicle. When you cause bodily injury or death while driving under the influence, the state has the option of changing you with a number of different felony DUI crimes. The penalties for felony DUI convictions will depend on the specific reason you have been charged with a felony.

Penalties for a felony DUI, based on the death or injury of another person, include:.

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In addition to these criminal penalties, you may also face administrative sanctions and experience collateral consequences. These may include:. These consequences can follow you for life. Once you have completed your criminal sentence, you will still have a criminal record that reflects a felony conviction.

Does a DUI Conviction Count as a Criminal Offense?

This will make it difficult to get back to your normal day-to-day life. A DUI can lead to a felony charge if your impairment caused a crash where other people suffered injuries or died. This could be your passenger or someone in another car. There are three charges typically associated with this type of incident. Prosecutors can use this charge to hold a drunk driver responsible when they cause an injury. The law does not require the victims to suffer severe injuries; often their injuries are relatively minor.

Those convicted of a felony DUI with injury charge face much more severe penalties, including up to six months in jail and increased fines. If you face a felony DUI with injury, we may be able to convince the prosecution to reduce your charges to a misdemeanor DUI charge. This could reduce your penalties significantly. This is a second-degree felony and a conviction brings significant jail time and fines. Prosecutors use this charge when a drunk driver causes an accident that leaves the victim with serious injuries. Serious injuries could include:. When a client faces an aggravated assault while under the influence charge, we often fight to reduce this charge to a felony DUI with injury.

While this is still a felony charge, it calls for much milder sentencing.

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  5. Is a DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor?.
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  8. It is unlikely the prosecution will drop all felony charges in this type of case, but depending on the facts, there may be other options we can pursue. The most serious DUI-related charge you can face is homicide while under the influence.

    Is a DUI a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

    Homicide while under the influence is a second-degree felony.