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Police arrested the man who proceeded to tell law enforcement there was a handgun in the vehicle. Backup was called and a firearm was reportedly located in the glove compartment. Police also said they found an open bottle of whiskey between the driver and passenger seats, but noted not much was missing from the container.

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Gibbs said police then ran the name of the passenger in the vehicle, later identified as Rachel Rivera, and found she was a convicted felon. She was also arrested and charged with possession of a firearm after a felony conviction because the gun was within arms reach, Gibbs said.

After making the arrests, police began the process of impounding the SUV -- when they noticed a terrarium in the backseat. If possible, do a remote backup through the app, just to make sure your info is preserved and up to date. Wipe your phone. Do this as soon as you can, because sophisticated thieves know how to shield phones and remove SIM cards to make it impossible for you to wipe your info.

Tulsa's Local Criminal Defense Lawyers

Change passwords. Go online and change the passwords for any accounts you had enabled on your phone—especially bank and shopping accounts, email, and social media. Inform your carrier. Let your cellphone carrier know that your phone is missing, and ask them what the next steps are on their end. If your phone is simply lost, they may be able to disable service but still help you trace the phone. Contact the police.

Whether you get your phone back or not, a police report will help you fight any fraudulent charges that come up after your phone was stolen. If you have cellphone insurance, they might require a police report to process your claim. Sign in using iCloud. The app will show you a map that identifies where your missing iPhone or iPad, iPod touch, or Mac is and where it has been.

Then send your device a message with a contact number. Worst case scenario, you can initiate a remote wipe that will delete all of your personal data and restore the phone to its factory settings. Cerberus Anti-Theft This is another great option to help you find missing Android devices. In addition to anti-theft protection, Cerberus also gives you remote control of your phone or laptop through its website or via text messages from a different phone.

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Once remote control is established, you can locate and track your phone, lock it down, sound an alarm, display a message, take pictures and videos to record the thief, and wipe the internal memory and SD card to keep your private data secure. Learn More about Protecting Your Phone Losing your phone is stressful and scary, and it can be costly. What to Do Next A thief wants to do one of two things with your stuff: sell it for a quick buck or try to hack it to get their hands on your personal and financial data.

Ask for help. Report your stolen device. When you discover your laptop or tablet has gone AWOL, your first call should be to the authorities.

Stolen pickup recovered in Oklahoma City after chase; suspect arrested | KVII

If possible, have serial numbers and photographs of the stolen items handy. Provide specific details, such as when and how the item was stolen. Get a copy of the police report. This will help you follow up, and it may be required to make an insurance claim. The police report can also be helpful if you run into problems with identity theft.

Deal with insurance. If you have a homeowners or renters insurance policy that includes protection for personal property, then a stolen laptop should be covered. The easiest way to get things moving is to give your agent a call. Wipe your machine remotely. If you use any tracking or anti-theft software, then it will be simple to log in and wipe all the data from your tablet or laptop. If not, you can still use services like iTunes and Google to log out of your accounts and de-authorize all devices.

Change every password. Start looking. Even though it may seem overwhelming, you should try to track down your stolen laptop or tablet. Check out local pawn shops and websites like Craigslist and eBay. Instead, ask if they can hold the item for you, and contact the police so the authorities can recover your stolen property.

Resources to Help By the time you report your laptop stolen, it might seem too late for a tracking system. It will tell you the location of your laptop, lock and prevent access to it, and even take a picture of the person using it.

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

With Prey, you can also remotely wipe stored passwords to prevent the thief from accessing bank information or other online accounts. If you have LockItTight installed on your machine, you can locate it by logging into your account on another device.

You can also snap a screenshot or webcam photo, access a keystroke log, and check out the browser history. It even lets you grab and delete crucial files. All you have to do is activate it to get access to remote security measures, including the LoJack Investigations and Recovery Team. This is one of the best ways to find a stolen laptop and shut down any identity theft attempts, but it will cost you. Learn More about Protecting Your Laptop or Tablet Keeping your laptop or tablet safe takes a two-pronged approach: physical security and cybersecurity. My Package Is Missing Getting stuff in the mail is awesome.

What to Do Next Before throwing your hands up in despair, take these steps to try to locate your lost or stolen package. Check again. Check every entrance of your home, and then consult with the neighbors to see if they accepted the package for you or if it was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. Look in spots that would protect your package from weather or prying eyes, like the back porch, the hedges, the garage, or between the screen door and the front door.

Contact the retailer. Once you determine that the package is missing, get in touch with the website where you placed your order.

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Sites like Amazon and eBay do a great job of helping customers track down missing packages. Contact the delivery company.

Have the tracking number available, and ask about their policy for stolen packages. If the theft was due to their mistake, they should help you recover your loss. File a report. Report your missing package to the police and the Postal Inspection Service. The more agencies helping you track down your stolen package, the better. Security Cameras Not only do security cameras deter burglars, they can also help you identify and track down package swipers.

Across the country, package thefts are being thwarted by home security camera footage. Doorbell Cameras For some, a smart doorbell with video capability is more practical than a full-blown surveillance camera. Major delivery companies use GPS to monitor packages en route, and customers can sign up for access to maps and live tracking alerts. Sometimes the lost package is one that you sent.

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If you ship items regularly, you might want to look into GPS trackers that can give you the security you need to guarantee safe delivery. Learn More about Protecting Your Packages Losing a package is frustrating and stressful—especially if it was full of important items like medication or gifts for loved ones. Search the parking lot. The first thing to do is check the parking lot carefully. Use your panic button. If your car has a remote to lock and unlock the doors, it probably also has a panic button.

Then follow the obnoxious beeping and flashing lights to find your car. Contact the parking lot company. When your car goes missing in a monitored parking lot, call the company that manages the lot. They will know if your car was towed. Contact towing companies. Maybe you parked your car in the wrong spot and it got towed.